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The recruitment for the class of 2024-25 is coming to an end !

Last application deadline for the August 2024 intake: 15th June 2024

Check out the requested documents below to complete your online application.

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Please note that you must create an account when you first access the application portal. You can then follow the instructions indicated. Upon validation of your application, an acknowledgement email will be sent to you.

When submitting your application form, you consequently agree to the Terms & Conditions of the Executive MBA Programme.

Documents requested to apply

The documents listed below must be uploaded during the online application process; please make sure you have them to hand.

  • passport photo (minimum size: 283 x 213px, neutral background, professional look, no scan copy)
  • copy of your identity card (for Swiss nationality) or working/student/residency permit and passport (for foreign nationals)
  • copy of all your university diplomas (Bachelor and/or Masters and/or PhD) and a copy of all of your university transcripts (i.e. grades of each semester)
  • copy of your curriculum vitae
  • Answer to the essay given in the online application form
  • For candidates who do not hold a Swiss university degree, a copy of proof of payment of the application fees (CHF 200)
  • A copy of the certified translation of documents that are not in French, German, English or Italian
  • Two reference forms to be separately transmitted

Please note that your original diplomas will have to be presented to the UNIL matriculation service once the programme starts. Further information will be provided in due time.

Reference form

Please forward the link below to your chosen referees and ask them to complete the form:

  • Two reference forms are requested 
  • The reference forms can be completed in English or French

Your referees should know you sufficiently well in your professional environment to be able to complete the form in a meaningful way. 

We attach greater value to a recommendation from a person who knows you well over one from an individual in a senior position, but who only knows you casually.

Your referee should not be a member of your family, and at least one of the references must be completed by someone in your current work environment. 

Please make sure you allow enough time for your referees to complete the form.

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