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HEC Lausanne Executive MBA Continues to Climb the Financial Times Ranking

HEC Lausanne Executive MBA Continues to Climb the Financial Times Ranking

For the 12th consecutive year, we’re elated to share our placement in the prestigious Financial Times Top 100 Executive MBA ranking. Moving up the ladder, the HEC Lausanne Executive MBA proudly sits at the 69th rank globally in the 2023 edition.

Being featured in the FT’s ranking enhances our worldwide reputation, benefiting both our current participants and Alumni. It reaffirms the superior quality of education they receive and underscores the prestige of their diploma. It is their success and achievement that have enabled us to move up the rankings for the third year in a row.

A Glimpse of Our Performance

Global Recognition: Our programme was ranked 69th in the world, confirming its status as one of the best Executive MBAs in the world.

European Elite: We are thrilled to announce that our programme is ranked among the top 50 European programmes.

Swiss Excellence: only 4 Swiss-based EMBA made it to the FT Top 100 this year, and we’re honoured to be once again part of this elite group.

About the Financial Times’ Ranking

The Financial Times Top 100 Executive MBA Ranking evaluates programs based on three main aspects: “Career Progress” which focuses on financial data and impacts 56% of the score; “School Diversity” accounting for 25%, emphasising the gender and nationality mix of students and faculty; and “Research/ESG”, which combines academic excellence and environmental, social, and governance metrics to contribute the remaining 18% to the ranking.

For its 2023 ranking, the Financial Times based its evaluation on the EMBA class of 2020.

If you wish to better understand the different criteria of the ranking and their weight, we invite you to read our blog on the 2022 FT Top 100 Executive MBA

What positions HEC Lausanne Executive MBA among the world Top 100 

Distinctly Diverse: Our Class Composition Continues to Set Us Apart

In our pursuit of excellence, ensuring a varied and inclusive student body is a paramount focus. Our noteworthy standing in participant diversity underscores our steadfast commitment to nurturing an environment that is not only diverse but also inspires rich learning and varied perspectives.

We’re proud to boast the 12th-highest percentage of female students globally (46% for the 2020 EMBA class), positioning us in the European top 5.

This striving for diversity is also reflected in the international composition of our cohorts. We are part of the 20 ranked EMBAs with the highest ratio of international students (74%).

Adding to our class’s diverse profile, our international faculty (84%) ranks within the top 10 in Europe and holds an impressive 11th position globally.

Expertly Seasoned, Further Elevated: Advancing world-class Leaders

Our participants stand out not only for their diversity but also for their expertise. 

In the 2023 Financial Times EMBA ranking, HEC Lausanne is proudly positioned within the top 20 for candidates’ work experience worldwide. This speaks to the high calibre of the experienced professionals who choose our programme. The presence of a diverse and highly experienced group of people contributes greatly to the richness of the exchanges, both inside and outside the classroom.

But our commitment does not end at recognising their existing skills. Reflecting our emphasis on career growth, our alumni report a 47% salary increase 3 years post-graduation, translating to a notable average boost of 60,000CHF per year.FinancialTimes_TOP100_EMBA2023Celebrating these achievements, we would like to extend our gratitude to our students, alumni, faculty, and staff. Their dedication and drive are the cornerstones of our success.

Special thanks to the Class of 2020 for their support and engagement. Their involvement in the Financial Times evaluation process has been crucial to our progress in the rankings.

While these rankings are a significant recognition, we remain committed to continuous improvement and delivering excellence in every aspect of our programme.

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The percentages and scores featured in this article are sourced from Financial Times Top 100 Executive MBA Ranking 2023.
All comparisons made are based on the 100 Executive MBA ranked by FT.

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