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Healthcare Management Focus: Celebrating 10 Years of Leadership and Impact

Healthcare Management Focus: Celebrating 10 Years of Leadership and Impact

This year marks the 10th anniversary of HEC Lausanne Executive MBA’s Healthcare Management Focus. Over the last decade, our EMBA programme has been at the forefront, cultivating dynamic leaders, fostering innovation in healthcare, and deepening our understanding of the complex health landscape. Unique in a country where one in ten workers is employed in the healthcare sector, our focus already propelled the journey of numerous doctors, researchers, industry leaders and entrepreneurs.

Over the last ten years, the healthcare industry has experienced significant transformations. In this evolving landscape, our programme has consistently been a pioneer by continuously adapting to empower healthcare professionals to effectively tackle emerging challenges.

Our Anniversary event both celebrated this decade of leadership and innovation and offered a platform to reflect on the health system’s evolution and the future opportunities and challenges.

The evening seamlessly wove together retrospection and foresight, featuring a captivating keynote speech by Prof. Stéfanie Monod, who expertly navigated the complex systemic and governance challenges that have historically shaped the Swiss health system. This thought-provoking exposé was complemented by an enlightening panel discussion with six distinguished Alumni. Together, these sessions provided a comprehensive look at the sector’s journey, reflecting on its edifying past while also projecting the transformative trends poised to shape its future.

Anniversary Keynote: Prof. Monod on the Swiss Health System’s Challenges and Governance Issues

In her insightful speech titled ‘Swiss Health System: Challenges Ahead and (typical) Swiss Governance Issues,’ Prof. Stéfanie Monod offered a critical examination of the current state and future prospects of the Swiss health system.

She adeptly highlighted the persistent imbalance between the heavy investment in healthcare services and the comparatively lesser focus on health promotion and preventive measures. This, she argued, is a crucial factor in ensuring not just longer life spans but also maintaining quality of life and good health in those extended years

Prof. Monod notably challenged the long-standing perception of the Swiss health system as the world’s best. She pointed out that this claim does not hold up under scrutiny, especially considering the lack of significant reforms over the past two decades. This stagnation, according to Prof. Monod, calls for a reevaluation of the system and underscores the need for citizen-driven change.


Alumni Panel Discussion: 10 Years of Challenges and Innovation in Healthcare

Moderated by Michelle Bridenbaker, a 2022 Alumna and Vice President at MILE, the panel discussion provided a comprehensive exploration of the evolving landscape of healthcare, touching upon the increasing role of AI and more globally the multifaceted challenges of innovation within the sector.

The discussion notably delved into the critical importance of data, underscoring its growing prominence in healthcare management and the legal and ethical issues to be addressed.  In this context, the significance of data literacy emerged as a crucial theme. It seems essential for both healthcare professionals and patients to understand and effectively utilise health data, fostering informed decision-making and ensuring ethical handling of sensitive information.


Alongside the technological advancements, the panellist also delved into the significant societal shifts influencing the sector. Central to these discussions was the evolving role of the patient in treatment processes including the emerging concept of “peers”, especially in the realm of mental health, where shared experiences and support play a crucial role. These themes reflect a broader trend towards patient-centric care, demonstrating a dynamic shift in how healthcare is approached and administered.

Another highlight of the session was the reflection on how the HEC Lausanne Executive MBA programme has propelled the panellists’ careers, enriching their contributions to global health:

  • Dr. Marina Faiella (Alumna 2021), Director of Forecasting & Analytics Europe at BeiGene, highlighted how the EMBA broadened her perspectives, enhancing her awareness of the diverse stakeholders in the healthcare system.
  • Dr. Maximilien Murone (Alumnus 2016),Board Member and Co-Founder at Avrion Therapeutics, compared the programme to a ‘Swiss Army knife’ for company management, recalling the valuable experience of working on real-life healthcare-focused projects.
  • Sandra Gaillard Desmedt (Alumna 2020), Director of Community Health at Canton of Vaud, described her journey as transformative, developing her leadership and essential skills.
  • Dr. Monique Lehky Hagen (Alumna 2016), President of the Valais Medical Society, spoke about the programme’s challenging yet rewarding nature, particularly in fostering teamwork skills and resilience in stressful environments.
  • Lastly, Joy Demeulemeester, (Alumna 2020), General Secretary at Association Romande Pro Mente Sana, reflected on how the Executive MBA expanded her understanding beyond her perspective, enabling her to effectively communicate and collaborate across different facets of the healthcare sector.

Additionally, our expert Alumni shared their insights on emerging trends, anticipating the future directions of healthcare management and the potential impact these developments could have.

In her concluding remarks, moderator Michelle Bridenbaker highlighted a resonating theme that underscored the entire discussion: the importance of enhanced collaboration within the actors of the healthcare system, highlighting the need to build and maintain trust in both the industry and emerging technologies.


A EMBA Community’s Journey Towards the Future of Healthcare

The 10th Anniversary of our Focus in Healthcare Management was more than a celebration of past achievements; it was a powerful testament to the enduring impact of our alumni and our Executive MBA programme.

This event underscored the dynamic and evolving nature of healthcare, highlighting how our collective efforts are crucial in shaping the future of the sector. Significantly, it also illuminated the pivotal role of our EMBA in bridging gaps between various actors in global health.

By fostering collaboration and understanding among diverse professionals, our EMBA not only educates leaders but also facilitates a more integrated and cohesive health system. This interconnected approach is essential for addressing the complex challenges of modern healthcare and driving forward meaningful change

As we look ahead, there’s a sense of pride in the significant contributions our alumni have made to the healthcare sector and the future they will help shape.


Credits : Pictures by HEC Lausanne Executive MBA

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