May 25, 2021 HEC Lausanne

How can you have more impact at work? Can you lead a more fulfilling life?

How can you have more impact at work? Can you lead a more fulfilling life?

The 5 Levers to have Meaningful Work, according to Executive MBA’s Alumna Maria Zarraga.

Maria Zarraga has more than 15 years of experience in coaching and mentoring numerous executives, professionals and entrepreneurs. Her pragmatic approach allows them to develop their own careers, organizations and businesses in alignment with their values and purposes.

She displays 20 years experience in both public and private sectors, including multinationals, SMEs and United Nations specialized agencies and she is passionate about unlocking people’s and organization’s potential, bringing them to the next level.

In these unprecedented times, where we all long for inspiration and learning, our 2008 Alumna invites you to participate to the following webinar in the hope that might be source of inspiration:

5 Levers To Align With Your Purpose & Create Meaningful Work Despite Uncertain Times

June 1st 2021 – 19h00
Maria Zarraga

Have you ever felt like wanting to have more impact at work and a fulfilling life

Discover the secrets of high achieving people to remain resilient in uncertain times and align your career with your purpose and values.

You can register here.

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